Ideas and Tips for Students Writing a Great Book Report

Most students are in grade school when they complete their first book report. Even when starting at such a young age, most students find themselves dreading their upcoming report. By using the right strategies, however, the writing process becomes less tedious and more enjoyable. Below, you’ll learn more about what a book report is, how to write one, and tips that will make the writing process easier.

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Writing An Excellent Persuasive Essay

How do you get a good persuasive topic for their essays? Remember, your audience needs to stay awake as they go through your work from the beginning to the end. You not only need a good persuasive topic to attract the reader's attention, but also excellent writing skills. Additionally, you need to have a good understanding of your subject. There is a need to carry out a thorough study on the topic before making your write up.

A persuasive essay is an academic writing that deals with a particular topic and tries to convince the reader to borrow the writer's opinion. The essay should sound logical or valid. The essay should have up to date sources.

A brief guide on writing a persuasive essay

In the persuasive essay writing, you need to provide the facts, logical flow of ideas, and make a powerful conclusion. Below is a guideline to follow for then writing a persuasive essay.

Select the topic you would like to make an essay. Choose your stand on the problem you are writing on.

Evaluate the position of your targeted audience. Find out whether they support, oppose, or take a neutral stand to your topic.

Research about your topic and collect as much information as possible. Ensure that all the sources are authentic and not more than five years.

Come up with a paper structure. Decide on the sources to include in your paper and the logical order of ideas. Start your essay with an attention-grabbing sentence. You can achieve this by beginning the sentence with a rhetorical question, statistics, facts anecdote, or a quote.

Before proceeding with the essay, share your work with colleagues or your teacher.

Below are some of the persuasive topics in different areas.

Persuasive essay topics on sports

  1. Dangers associated with the drinking of the energy drinks read the bull
  2. A good sportsman is not necessarily a professional coach.
  3. Female trainers should be mentors to ladies
  4. Should athletes regularly receive press conference
  5. What is the most appropriate way of releasing tension from your body?

Topics for a persuasive essay on music

  1. The modern pop music is not wells composed compared to 70s music
  2. The advantages of having the right music education when training for professional musicians
  3. Is it fair for the music producers to have more powers than the band members?
  4. The next music revolution prediction

Topics for a Persuasive essay on animals

  1. It is immoral to hunt a wild dear
  2. Using animals in circuses and the zoo is wrong
  3. Testing beauty goods from animals is unacceptable
  4. People should not keep toxic animals as their home pets
  5. Is pouching shaking the county's income
  6. Pets should be outdoors
  7. Breeding animals to produce hybrids is ethical

Persuasive topics for elementary students

  1. Attending classes with the mobile device
  2. Things to include while shopping for a time capsule
  3. You should allow the small kinds to poses pets
  4. They should do away with junk foods from school
  5. Are the elementary school pupils receiving a fair amount of homework?

Topics for the persuasive essay on education

  1. As teachers pass their professional exams, students should pass their school examinations
  2. There is a need to reduce college lecture time
  3. Schools should reduce the amount of work they give to students
  4. ACT and SAT are not effective tools for examinations

Persuasive essays are all about winning the reader's mind with your opinion. It requires thorough research and getting the facts right. Apart from having the proper writing skills, you also need good language command that will enable you to articulate your idea. Remember, you are after winning the reader's mind! Your write up should flow and be as more engaging as possible if you want to get one of highly-paid psychology writing jobs.